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A Decade in my Shoes

More history about myself than even I care to read.

4 August

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Just a quick note before we get to all the shtuff, if you've come here because I've added you onto my friends list and you've NO idea who I am, that's because I found you through random searches and liked your journal or your interests. Feel free to IM or email me, if you don't want me as a friend. Feel even free-er to do so if you do, and add me back!!

[x]. Birthday = 08.04.75
[x]. Height = 6'
[x]. Hair color = eeehhh, either dirty blonde or golden brown, you pick.
[x]. Length = Long enough for your MOM!!!!

"In this happy sing-song hell-hole,
In this torturehouse of glee,
In this perfect playpen prison,
there's so much
to do and see.

On this euthanasia morning,
Colorful Carnival of Pain.
Let us drink delicious poison...
if they won't let us,
let's complain."

-King Missile-"Happy Hour"

The best entertainment in the world is the downfall of society. And the collapse of the mind as it learns that everything it knows is wrong.

Monkeys are fun.....and funny.